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A-Rod and K-Rod get into it!

The LA Times has an interesting article on the rift developing between the two:

Thursday night, Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez seemed to take exception to Francisco Rodriguez's postgame celebration -- a pirouette off the mound, a number of fist pumps and repeated salutes to the sky -- glaring at the Angel closer as he walked off the field.

"If Alex has something to stay to me, I'm right here; he knows where I am," Francisco Rodriguez said. "I was probably a little more pumped because the tying run was on third with one out, and I went with everything I had.... But I'm not trying to be a hot dog. I work hard to do my job, and that's my passion for the game."

Percival tried to warn Rodriguez that such passion might rub some the wrong way. "He'll realize it may come back to haunt him if he does cartwheels off the mound," Percival said last August.
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