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Yanks pummel Rangers 8-4

Who would have believed that Aaron Small would pitch into the sixth inning and only give up three earned runs? Raise your hands! I'm still trying to figure out how he did that. I know he "junked" them to death because his fastball barely hits 89 mph, but kudos to the career minor leaguer. He showed incredible poise on the mound and that helped him the most.
The offense erupted again:

Sorry for the cheesy picture, but they slammed six home runs, two by Tino ( bout' time ) and two by Giambi to help the Yanks go to Anaheim on a nice high.

Sturtze's performance ranged from great to awful and he was lucky to escape major damage tonight. Gordon and Rivera are looking like the old Rivera-Wetteland duo except that Rivera is better than John. I know we're all nervous with Gordon and Boston come playoff time, but I think if we get there he won't fold this time.

Mariano is un-hittable. In Boston he mowed down the heart of the lineup and did the same thing today, ending the game with his customary fractured bat. If we get the split against the Angels and Cashman makes a few solid moves the Yanks will be there come playoff time.

"Rod" Cano is the rookie of the year up to this point. Matsui still looks lost in left.

Here's your boxscore