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Open Thread: Game 93-Yanks vs Rangers

Can Aaron Small make it to the third inning? Here's his career stats if you wish to get more depressed about him.


Luckily for us, Texas isn't throwing out a stud either so maybe we'll get a break and win another 11-10 game. (lol) If we could manage a win tonight then California won't be looking so bad.


  • D. Jeter ss
  • D. Jeter ss
  • G. Sheffield rf
  • A. Rodriguez 3b
  • H. Matsui lf
  • J. Giambi dh
  • J. Posada c
  • T. Martinez 1b
  • B. Crosby cf

  • D. Dellucci dh
  • M. Young ss
  • M. Teixeira 1b
  • H. Blalock 3b
  • A. Soriano 2b
  • K. Mench lf
  • R. Hidalgo rf
  • G. Matthews Jr. cf
  • R. Barajas c