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Joe let one get away!

As most of the commenters are saying in the earlier thread, I think Joe mis-managed and blew last night's game 2-1.

Mussina is one of our only horses and if he begs to stay out there for another inning then Joe has to let him. With a depleted bullpen these are the times you welcome a starter to pitch as far into the game as they can.

I can understand Torre wanting to rest some of the guys, hell they haven't had too many days off, but if Mussina pitches the seventh and is effective the Yanks will win the game. Rodriguez threw darts in his first outing in a while and that would have led to Gordon in the ninth. Even if the scenario is slightly different, Gordon is the man and Joe can't worry about rightie-leftie combinations when the game is in the balance, especially with a shaky Franklin on the hill.