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Open Thread Game: 79-Yanks vs Tigers

So I watched enough last night on my Tivo to see Johnson get whacked around again. I think the weather is getting warm right? When he says my "location was bad" I say really? How about "I stunk" I can't throw hard, my slider is flat and I like to turn Punch and Judy hitters into All-Stars. Did I also tell you that I figured I'd give up more home runs than strike outs this year. I really got sick of making hitters look bad."

He is a microcosm of this team. Pitch a great game, get embarrassed the next two. Pitch a good game, get embarrassed for three.

I know we are lucky to be only six games out, but that doesn't excuse this team from playing like the Devil Rays. Joe is managing in desperation. I've never seen him make so many bad choices. Starting Womack in center? Putting Stanton in a tie game in the tenth. It goes on and on.

I don't think he should be fired, but clearly he has no idea how to turn this team around and is making choices based on wild hunches.( ie: starting Kevin Reese against the Mets) They will need a huge roster overhaul to make the playoffs. Brian Cashman sounded perplexed on the radio yesterday and sounded like almost anybody is available. When I see the A's reel off eight straight wins I shake my head. Did Beane pull it off again? I thought he was wise to trade Mulder, but Hudson surprised me. They don't have a chance to make the plaoffs this year but at least there is hope flowing through their fans veins. I feel as though I'm rooting like Joe is managing.

Do I think the Yanks still have a shot? Yes, because they are capable of going on a huge tear and the division has kept us alive. There is a lot of pride in the clubhouse and I do expect Cashman to make some moves. Will it be enough?

The Moose tries to get us a win tonight. I could really use a nice holiday weekend winning streak.
The Yanks traded Paul Quantrill to the Padres for left-hander Darrell May, who was once a teammate of Hideki Matsui's in Japan, and right-hander Tim Redding.