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Yanks take series from Boston 5-3

A cakewalk almost turned into a heart attack as the Yankees survived a late inning surge and took the final game of the series.

Al Leiter...Al Leiter...Al Leiter...was awesome. His control was pinpoint as he struck out a season high eight batters and had totalcommand from the start. Will he be able to keep this up? He just might, but we do have an alternative now that we didn't a day ago. I remember him as a rookie so it's nice to see him back in Pinstripes. Al could turn out to be a huge steal if he can keep us in games until Pavano comes back. What a difference a lefty makes in the rotation against the Sox, especially after having Wells and Pettite.

This is the type of game that will leave a lasting sting in the Bean Town psyche because the Red Sox could have easily won the game. Thanks to Cano's error in the ninth, the door was left open and if not for a brilliant play by A-Rod and Posada to get a bases loaded home to first double play the Yanks would have limped out of town.

It also made the win that much sweeter. I was kind of surprised that Rivera pitched to Damon with runners on second and third and two outs, but Mariano doesn't take a back seat to anybody. He calmly got a slow roller to Cano to end the game. I'm glad that Cano was able to make the final. It might ease the sting of his miscue.

A-Rod is slowly starting to make Boston his "bitch", slugging three hr's in the series after they repeatedly went after him this off season. I don't think Schilling will be opening his mouth anytime soon.