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Yanks smack Red Sox win 7-4

I missed the game today because I had doctors to see, but it looks like Randy Johnson pitched well enough, and Mariano proved that nobody owns him. In his last two save opportunities against Boston, six up and six down, four by strike out. I don't think the Red Sox fans will be mocking him anytime soon.

The Yankees handled Boston's de facto ace Clement easily, scoring six runs in the third inning. A-Rod continues to play like the star he is and got the Yanks rolling, clubbing a two-run shot. The Bronx Bombers never looked back.

Cano continues to make a push for the "rookie of the year" award ( why is it that none of the Sports talking heads mention him ) going 3-5.

Big innings: The fourth: Millar held up at third on a base hit which should have scored him ( Bernie has no arm ) and Mirabelli is tagged out at second. The Boston media wil be tearing the third base coach to shreads.

Fifth inning: Bernie makes a big catch against Ortiz that Melky probably doesn't. Will the Yanks finally leave Bernie in until they acquire a proven center fielder?

Please fill in the blanks that I missed.

Al Leiter is officially a Yankee now. Redding is shipped out.