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Open Thread: Game 89: Yanks vs Red Sox

Al Leiter is returning to the New York and expected to pitch Sunday. He can't be any worse than what we have going for us now.

Today's game is huge. The blowout is meaningless, but Randy needs to pick the team up today. Now is about the time he needs to start earning his jack. The importance of having a left handed starter is  really obvious when you see Trot Nixon, another Yankee killer on the bench today. It looks like Joe is sitting down Melky today. Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that he can't catch line drives?

  • D. Jeter ss
  • R. Cano 2b
  • G. Sheffield rf
  • A. Rodriguez 3b
  • H. Matsui lf
  • J. Giambi dh
  • B. Williams cf
  • T. Martinez 1b
  • J. Flaherty c
  • J. Damon cf
  • E. Renteria ss
  • E. Renteria ss
  • M. Ramirez lf
  • K. Millar rf
  • J. Varitek c
  • D. Mirabelli dh
  • B. Mueller 3b
  • M. Bellhorn 2b