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This game Joe decided to give up early. Redding, May, and Anderson were the lambs as they took a pounding. There was no way Torre would waste his bullpen ( the good people)  with Randy on the mound tomorrow and that is really our only chance of another victory in the series. Wang's injury forced the Yanks into this decision.

What kind of pitchers could we actually get for a burnt out Quantrill?

Tomorrow's game is what Joe is playing for. Randy pitches like Randy and we get a win. Unless they make a move ( Leiter might not happen because of his contract) Sturtze will probably go Sunday or else they recall another body from Columbus.

Let's see what Cashman can pull off. By the way " The Mad Dog" was an a-hole to Cashman Thursday. For the first time since I've been listening Brian go on their show, I heard Cashman almost lose his cool. No wonder Russo couldn't talk today: IDIOT. When Torre followed up a little later, they both changed their tune and backed off, treating Joe with respect and dignity. Russo should treat Cashman the same. That was low-class, but what can you expect from a frustrated Barry-less Giant fan.

I'd rather get torched in a game like this than lose a close one. Tomorrow is a new dawn. Sorry for the self-help.