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Mid Season Report Card-( cont )

Left Field:

Hideki Matsui: Having another solid season. Started hot,  long slump, hurt ankle, found stroke, can't  field anymore. That's it. Well that's sort of what happened. Matsui is on pace to drive in 130 rbi's and hit .320 He's Joe's most trusted clutch batter and hits lefties better than right handers.

Usually a decent outfielder, Matsui seems completely lost out there, taking odd routes most of the time while tracking fly balls. Hopefully he'll regain his confidence as a glove man because he's been reminding me of Manny lately in the field.
Grade B+ with a bullet.

Center Field

Bernie, Womack, Melky, Matsui: Center field has been a problem all year. I think the Yanks gave up on Bernie too early which has clearly thrown this position into chaos. Bernie might not be what he once was, but he can still track down a fly ball and has gotten a number of big hits the last few weeks.

Womack has been a bust all around. I love his speed, but if he can't get on base (.276 OBP ) what good is it. It hasn't been fair to him, shifting him into the outfield, but with Cano firmly entrenched at 2nd base I don't see Tony sticking with the team past the trade deadline. If Tony stays, I'm sure he'll be relegated to a pinch runner and spot starter.
Grade F

Melky: Too soon to tell. He's been lost in center and he's supposed to be our top defensive player from the minors so I think he just needs to settle down. I'm not sure how much playing time he'll get in Boston, but I don't think the Yanks would have brought him up to send him down too fast.
Grade: Incomplete

Right Field

Gary Sheffield: Another MVP like season for the Yanks. (Even after his whining trade complaints) Makes Louis Sojo's job much scarier. Big numbers. Defense is below average. He has a strong arm which helps hold runners from taking the extra base. Makes A-Rod that much better, because they'll walk Gary to face him.
Grade A