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Mid-Season Report Card

Grading the Yanks through the first half of the season wasn't too hard. It bordered on the absurd most of the time. I'll post during the All Star break.

1st Base

Jason Giambi: What a roller coaster ride his first half was. After admitting to (he never really said) using steroids and asking for forgiveness, Jason was an automatic out for most of the first half either flailing away or standing like a statue as pitches flew by. His fielding was just as bad as he looked like a wooden horse with hands of stone out there. Suddenly, in the last month it seems Giambi has found his confidence and his stroke once again slashing line drives and rocketing home runs. He is becoming the 120 million dollar man again instead of an albatross. If he continues to perform this way, the Yanks lineup will be the most feared in the big leagues.

Grade: C with a bullet *

Tino Martinez: Brought on as a part time player and late inning defensive stopper at first, Tino was forced into the starting roll because of Giambi's troubles and made the most of it early on. He probably saved our bacon with his HR hot streak in May that helped The Bombers comeback from an agonizing 11-19 start. He's been marred in a long slump, but still brings great clubhouse chemistry to the fold. The 10 hr's he hit during his early roll already paid his salary in full for the season.

Grade: B-

2nd base

Robinson "Rod" Cano: What an incredible and improbable find for the Yanks. He was brought up from the minors to shake things up and he did just that. Great bat speed, with surprising power, Cano holds his ground against lefties like a seasoned vet. Looks like a .300 hitter the rest of the way. How could all the baseball guru's not have seen the talent that "Rod" possesses? He needs to take a few pitches once in a while, but this kid can flat out play. His defense is adequate and will improve as he matures. Cano turns the double play nicely and you can see the confidence this kid brings day in and day out. A solid number two hitter in the lineup and a definite "rookie of the year" candidate.

Grade: A