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Open Thread; Game 86: Yanks trounce Indians 9-4

Randy Johnson recorded his ninth win, but is not the pitcher we had hoped for. I still think he can become the big time pitcher we need, but it seems crazy to me that a man with all his experience would have so many mechanical problems.

His velocity is fine, but his slider has generally crossed the heart of the plate, belt high most of the time. If he can't work out the flaws that are causing his ball not sink with the usual bite on it then these types of performances will be the norm.

The offense is motoring now and with Ruben Sierra finally looking like he's back from his injured arm, I don't see us reverting back to the Tampa Bay like output in the beginning of the year.
Giambi blasted another shot today and is on a roll that has him not too happy about the All Star break.

The lineup has become one of the most feared in baseball now, finally living up to its potential and I'm not so certain if they'll pick up another outfielder now. I know Melky has looked lost out in center, but he's young and given enough time I think he'll get a handle on it. It all depends if George will be patient enough. That question will probably be answered after the Red Sox series.
We're 46-40 now and only 2 1/2 games back. The summer of madness is upon us. I'll have my mid season review during the break.