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Boss: Joe and Cashman safe

There's an article in the NY Post saying that the coaches and Cash are safe.

That's good to know. With the talent on the club, you can't blame Joe or the coaches. I know some others feel differently. If anyone's job is in jeopardy it would be Cashman. He signed Jaret Wright over Matt Clement, he let Lieber go, he signed Pavano over Pedro. Pedro looks all world again but that could change fast. Pavano and Johnson are suffering from the "NY effect". You know the one when you suck ass for a year before you can play here. Also known as the "Whitson Complex" in the DSM IV

I like Brian so I hope he stays. There isn't a GM in the league who is constantly under the microscope like Cash and he has to battle with the Boss on talent like no other. He wanted to sign Guerrero instead of Sheffield. To me that was a huge mistake for obvious reasons.

Wong is getting the start tomorrow and that's good news because Brown misses a start. Wong's also been their best pitcher so far. Who wudda thunk it.