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Open Thread: Game 55-Yanks vs Twins

After another pitiful loss at the hands of bad pitching and no hitting, the Yanks turn the ball over to their ace. Can Wong save the day?

The crystal ball says...YES.

There you have it. Put this one in the bank. The CB has spoken. Wong will pitch us to victory and get us back on track

Yanks win 4-3

The crystal ball prevails again. Wong pitched his heart out making only one bad pitch to Jacque Jones, a three run homer in the third that gave the Twins a 3-0 lead. After that the rook was excellent. "Rod" Cano delivered a big two run double, Matsui tied the game on a ground out and Ruben Sierra hit the game winning sac fly in the top of the tenth.
The "Great One" looked as dominating as he's been all season to close out a much needed win to snap the Yanks six game losing streak.

The Yanks were helped by some poor fielding by the Twins but we'll take it. With Hideki on first, A-Rod screamed a liner through the box and Matsui surprised everybody by taking third against the strong armed Tori Hunter that set up the winning run.
Tom Gordon looked strong again pitching two scoreless innings in the eight and ninth against the weak hitting Twins.

Kevin Brown goes for the tie breaker tomorrow and who knows what we'll get out of him, but this type of come from behind win could wake the Yanks back up with the Brewers lined up next for three.

We're lucky to be as close as we are after losing six in a row which has had me scratching my head. You know the Boss is not happy and changes will be made. I just hope he doesn't give away our good young talent for a quick fix. If Clemens is the guy they have targeted, Cano and Wang cannot be included in the trade. The Rocket also said he would consider Texas so your guess is as good as mine at this point.