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Open Thread: Game 78-Yanks vs Tigers

Cashman and Torre killed the Sheffield trade rumor. Do you think the Yanks seriously considered trading Sheff for Cameron?
The Post is saying that Gary's tirade killed the deal, but we are talking about the NY Post after all. I like their Sports section, but's the Post.

Stanton has lost his velocity and yes he did get a few lefties out this year, but did anyone trust him in a big situation now? I'll never forget game five against the A's when he came on to throw harder than I'd ever seen him and the Yanks advanced in that five game classic 7-5.

Quantrill never pitched like he did for the Dodgers so lets get some young blood in here for the time being. They couldn't be any worse than Paul

Randy Johnson goes against Jeremy Bonderman tonight. Ok, I meant tomorrow night. lol

The Yanks are six games out and need to string some wins together. Check out their schedule. A rough road ahead.