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OPen Thread: Game 76-Yanks vs O's

The Sheffield rumors are flying. I don't know how a trade for Gary and Cameron makes any sense unless the Yanks get a lot of prospects back in return and then flip them for some other players.
Obviously if Cashman is talking about trading Sheffield then the Yanks are admitting that they made a huge mistake in not getting Vlad Guererro. It was George's move all along. Brian wanted Vlad the impaler. Look what he's doing for the Angels. He's been carrying that team for a year and a half now.

One pitch Stanton handed a win over to the O's last night, but there were many other reasons for that. Forget about all the double plays by Sierra (We should have had a six on the borad ) Why is Gordon throwing breaking pitches instead of fastballs that led to the walk of Roberts in the eight inning. We all know what usually happens then. Flash screws up the bunt and the game goes bye-bye. Wang pitched another good game and clearly has shown that he is a legitimate starter now.
more to come...