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Open Thread: Game 75-Yanks vs O's

Enter my man Wang. This is a big game for him and the Yanks. He'll be facing a team that has Mora and Lopez out of the lineup so it will be a bit easier. Baltimore is desperate for a win themselves losing six in a row.

Ponzon is an enigma. One game he flashes a good fastball and has hancuffed the Yanks, the next they pound him. His 5.42 and 32 walks make him an attractive opponent tonight even though he's coming off of two straight wins. The Yanks seem to be finding their patience at the plate the last few games and if Ponzon is wild, I don't think they'll give many at bats away.

The meetings are going on in Tampa. Will Cano be thrown to the wolves? Its too early to get any good value in a trade unless somebody wants to do the Yanks a favor. Yea right.

Is anybody interested in what the Knicks do tonight? The only way I start caring is if Larry Brown becomes the new coach.

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