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Open Thread:Game 74-Yanks beat O's 6-4

Let's see if there is any carry over from last night.

It would be nice if Pavano started earning some of the "jack" that the Yanks threw his way.
I see that Joe is putting Womack in center field again, with Rubin in right.

Let's prey for ground balls.

With Womack batting ninth do the Yanks lose the DH?
They pitch hit for him in the sixth. Question answered.

In a weird game, the Yanks scratched out a much needed 6-4 win. Two phantom balks, an "all you an eat" stike zone, bad outfield play, guys not covering their bases, walks, walks, walks, wild pitches and passed balls.

Has there ever been a worse fielding outfield than Matsui with a bad ankle in left, Womack in center and Sierra in right?
The Yanks battled back for the second straight game down 4-1, with three runs in the sixth and Bernie Williams drove in the go ahead run in the eight. Flash came on in the eighth to do his thing and enter the Sand Man in the ninth. For a full recap click here

The Yanks picked up a game on both Boston and Baltimore so even after their horrid play they find themselves only 5 1/2 games out of first place.
Joe has got to give up on Womack in center and leave Bernie there until they can get another outfielder. Can anyone remember the last time Tony even hit a line drive? The Boss and his entourage are having meetings now, but one thing they cannot do is trade "Rod" Cano unless they get overwhelmed. His box score doesn't look great, but he was tough all night.