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Yanks beat Mets 5-4

In a game they had to have and a game that they did their best to lose, the Yanks pulled out some of that "old black magic" with a bottom of the ninth come from behind win against the cross-town rivals.

They played another embarrassing affair most of the way ( Randy was good )with Womack mis-judging a drive to center and an error by Cano followed by an uglier two run throwing error by Giambi. That said the Yanks managed to pick themselves off the floor, helped of course by a horrendous Met bullpen.

A-Rod had a terrific game and I think has earned a reprieve from all the heat that is constantly thrown his way (rightfully so). He was 4-5 and had a huge double in the ninth inning to put the Yanks in a position to win. He went 9-14 for the entire series with 2 rbi's and I think we can consider that enough to cut him some slack. His fielding will continue to get better the longer he is out there.

Giambi after helping the Mets take a 4-1 lead, redeemed himself with the big bases loaded single in the ninth driving in two to give the Yanks the win.

With the Orioles coming up we couldn't go to Baltimore hanging our heads.

I haven't been in love with Torre's moves lately and if I see Womack in center again I'll...well I can't do anything but curse at the tube. It seems like he's trying anything to get the team going ie: giving Reese his first start ever and the Womack experiment and nothing has worked. At least for tonight we can take a deep breath and remember what it was like to have a ninth inning win and resemble the tough, never say die attitude that this team just hasn't had.