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Open Thread Game 72-Yanks lose to Mets 6-4

When you think it's bad, then it gets worse.

Mets set a National League record with three sacrifice flies in the second inning. How is that possible? Because Bernie dropped a routine fly ball sac fly out and the runners advanced. I just can't get mad at Bernie. It's the kink of mistake that happens sometimes. It's the kind of mistake that sums up our season in a nutshell.

That said, I penciled in a loss tonight because I felt Pedro would be strong. The telling statement by Torre on Mussina was:

"He's not an overpowering pitcher, and when he falls behind in the count, it's tough,'' Torre said.

Mike used to be able to throw 93mph on the gun and that's what made his knuckle curve and assorted bag of tricks exceptional. Now he has to be perfect to beat teams.

Open Thread:Game 73-Yanks vs Mets

Sean Henn makes his third start and if the Yanks have any chance at all they'll have to score big time against Glavine. The Crystal Ball says:

The Yanks will beat up on Tom and get Henn his first win.