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Open Threa: Game 72-Yanks vs Mets

About last night...


I think its a foregone conclusion that this team is not going to make the playoffs without some major changes. After winning six in a row, I was fooled into believing that they had turned the corner once again for the third time this year.

Left Field: We need one. Bringing another BIG bat into the lineup (Gimabi was supposed to be that bat) will effectively rejuvinate the lackluster performance in situational hitting. ie: getting a big hit, like oh...Tampa did last night. Womack is a bad idea out there. They should have signed Beltre. Bernie could have become the permanent DH and part time outfielder.

Bullpen: We need two arms. At least another lefty and someone who can get people out consistantly.

Starting pitching: We need another starter for sure. Randy and Pavano have to turn it on. I think RJ will be the pitcher we hoped he would. Carl is suffering, but as we all know pitching in NY takes time for most of the newcomers. It took Lieber half the season to get it going, not to mention Clemens. He needs to throw fastball after fastball.

After losing three out of four to the double A Devil-Rays, I'm not that excited about this series. Call it depression, malaise, call it gettng pissed at this team. Pedro and Mussina is always a great match-up, so I hope it will shake this feeling of embarrassment.