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Open Thread: Game 70-Yanks vs Devil Rays

Well that was a wild game last night. I'm not going to take apart the game, but a 13 run, 35 minute, 4 hr eighth inning says it all.

I thought Lou was more than being cruel letting Carter take his lumps like that. What did he hope to gain by hanging him out to dry?

Randy after coming off of two really good starts,  looked horrendous against of all teams Tampa. I hope its a bump in the road from the many potholes he has hit this year. RJ seemed stiff and had no fastball. That said, I was really happy for Bernie. The bases clearing triple came as no surprise to me, but after all the Yanks have done to him this year ( the Womack experiment )he was the person I most wanted to have that kind of hit.

This game showed the fire the Yanks have had in previous years. Tino's streak in May coupled with Jason Giambi's walk-off homer against the Pirates are the two events that have sparked the turn around. Go figure!

As I've said many times, Carl Pavano needs to establish his fasball and stop relying on the off speed stuff. He gets it up in the 92-93 range so use it. That's the secret to Mike Mussina.