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Open Thread: Game 69-Yanks vs Devil Rays

Sean Henn makes his second big league start. Can he hold it together long enough so the Yanks can put up so runs on the board and take the pressure off of him? If he fairs well, keep Brown off the mound please....

This is a great time for the Rays to show up. I think we'll lose one out of four, so we'll head into the Mets series on a 9-1 streak. Take at least two of three from them and then it is Baltimore time.

Our season can be broken up into two categories so far. Long stretches of bad baseball, and long stretches of great baseball.

I thought after we went 16-2, the worst was behind us. Then the nightmare road trip and I literally almost  broke my big screen TV. lol Now we are home and playing like the team we thought they were.

I don't see how the Yanks can whether another bad slump again, can you?