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Open Thread: Game 68-Yanks vs Cubs

Chien-Ming Wang (Wong) is unbelievable. Where would the Yanks be starting Sturtze for 8 games? The kid pitches like the way Johnny Chan plays Texas hold em' in the movie "Rounders." Nothing fazes him. Ground ball after ground ball. He threw only 88 pitches in eight innings. Tom Gorden should just hang around him at all times.

It was good to see Jeter hit the grand slam if for nothing else than to have these talking heads stop bringing it up all the time. He hits well over .300 lifetime with the bases full so who cares.

A-Rod gave us the lead and he is doing a much better job of getting meaningful rbi's that we all complain about.

Bernie is starting to heat up and what a huge difference that would make if he can hit at least .280 for the season.

Mussina goes for the sweep today.

Sean Henn is coming back up for Kevin "Glass Hand, tweeked back" Brown and will pitch Monday.