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Open Thread Game 67-Yanks vs Cubs

Several days again my Sportsblog colleague Al from Bleed Cubbie Blue sent me five questions about the Yanks. He sent me his answers as well about the Cubbies.

1) The Cubs have had too many injuries to key players. They lost their starting DP combination in April, and their two top starting pitchers. Not
many teams could survive that, and yet the Cubs have done so. If they can stay close till Wood and Prior come back, it'll be an interesting second half.

  1. The biggest disappointment was LaTroy Hawkins, but fortunately, he's someone else's problem now. Otherwise I'd have to say Corey Patterson -- because he seems to have regressed, not progressed, and failed to use his considerable talent.
  2. The Cubs need a power bat in left field, preferably a left-handed hitter.
I like Jason Dubois, but Dusty Baker refuses to play him. Todd Hollandsworth is a good player, but not an everyday outfielder. Playing him every day
weakens the bench, too.

4) Gary Sheffield killed us when he was in the NL -- I definitely fear him the most. Fortunately, we didn't have to face Randy Johnson in this series --
Cub teams have never been able to hit him.

5) This question to you was about Yankee Stadium, so let me answer it too. I've been to Yankee Stadium several times, never had a bad experience, you can feel the history there. I'd think that given what the Yankees are proposing for a new stadium (similar, only with more skyboxes), they could retrofit the existing park for far less money.

Hopefully Wang can keep up his great pitching!