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Open Thread: Game-66 Yanks beat Cubs 9-6

I'm not going to analyze the whole game. Here's all you need to know:

Hideki Matsui's big two run hr in the seventh and two run double in the eighth to lead the Yanks from a bad loss to a win that was reminiscent of old times. On a bad ankle Godzilla has gotten hot at the plate at just the right time.

Props to A-Rod who had 2 big hits in the game. A double in the first to give us the early lead and  a huge single in the seventh to keep the inning going when we trailed by two. (I'll give him a pass at his lame attempt to score in the eighth inning) Although a lot of us aren't happy with A-Rod's clutch play, I can see the respect other teams are giving him and that will payoff in the long run.

Gordon and Mariano are again looking like the dominant duo that we need, although the jury is still out on Gordon until he comes up big when it really counts. Mariano is pitching as well as he ever has and I think the two of them haven't given up a run in about 25 straight innings.

Okay....Pavano stunk!