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Open Thread: Game 63-Yanks vs Pirates

Is this due or die, make or break time?

The Yanks home stand has three with the Pirates, three with the Cubs, four with Tampa, and three with the Mets. I say they have to go 9-4 minimum or else we are in deep trouble.

We can't keep losing and then hope for a 20-4 streak to lift us up. It has to start now. Please get Womack out of the outfield and use him sporadically. I know Matsui's injury will hamper them some, but throw Sierra out there and let's take our chances. They can DH Matsui and platoon Tini and the rookie Johnson at first. Giambi has warning track power now and they have to stop trying to coddle these guys into playing better.

We are lucky that Boston has been playing badly also or we'd be ten games back by now. That's been our saving grace so far. I still think the Orioles pitching is a major problem for them, but the Twins and White Sox are going to beat up on the rest of their division. The Angels and Rangers are going to keep winning in the West with the A's and Mariners as their punching bags.

In July we can pick up a bat and another pitcher, but we have to get to the trade deadline with a chance to win the division.