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Open Thread: Game 62-Yanks vs Cards

The rubber game.

Pavano will come up big pitching back in the NL and give the Yanks some momentum going back home.
Yesterday we saw Randy pitch like Randy can, Jeter get a big hit and Rivera slam the door shut.

If I hear Sterling say that Johnson's strikeouts don't matter, I'm going to break my radio. We didn't get Randy to pitch well enough to win, or keep us in the game. Johnson came here to strike fear into the hearts of every team that faces him.

The lineups haven't been released yet, but if I see Giambi in the game then I know Torre has learned nothing from Friday. Sit his ass down and keep it there. Leave Bernie in the outfield and have Womack observe from the bench too.

Giambi is starting at first. eccckk!!! Sheffield is out.


Yanks blow lead in the seventh, lose 5-3.

Pavano did his job. Sturtze who has had a good year grooved one too many pitches to the Cardinals. I thought the key pitch was an 0-2 to Molina. With one out and Molina on the ropes, why Posada called another fastball I'll never know. Sturtze has a splitter. Every time a pitcher gives up a hit on an 0-2 count with a fastball down the middle should be fined 50,000. Then he imploded again throwing another fastball to ex-Yank Scott Seabol for the 2-run hr and the game was history.
Overall I thought the Yanks played a good game. They still struggled to score runs, but Morris was hitting his spots. A-Rod had a meaningful rbi and Matsui had a clutch double to give us the lead.
I hope his ankle is not badly injured.