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Open Thread: Game 61-Yanks vs Cardinals

Randy Johnson is going to rock today.

Last night's game was about as frustrating to watch as I've seen. From now on if Giambi is playing first base...the pitcher should refuse to go to the mound. The guy can't even catch a ball that's practically handed to him. He cost us that game and the experiment with Giambi has got to end. It's not the first 30 games anymore.

We are digging the hole deeper and deeper and we can't pray to the "powers that be" that Giambi is going to do anything. Tell him to go down to triple A or you will be benched. Period. I don't care what Tino hits. Use Russ Johnson, or Andy Phillips as an alternative, at least they can bend over.

Also, unless Womack starts to do something fast bench him too. My God the guy hit .300 for the Cardinals last year. A .250 hitter who can't play left field is much more of a gamble then plugging Bernie back in.

"Rod" Cano is a keeper at second.