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Open Thread: Game 33-Yanks 4-Mariners 3

Randy Johnson pitched eight good innings, Mariano pitched a strong ninth, and the Yanks got a key late inning hit to keep the winning streak alive.
Seemed like old times. Johnson who was coming off of a ten day lay off, didn't have his good stuff tonight but battled his way through the game. Randy gave me a scare when I thought he reinjured his groin, as I yelled at the TV screen No... but he said it was just a little tight.

Tino Martinez has supplied some surprise power of late and hit a two run homer in the fourth to stake Johnson to a 3-1 lead. That's four straight quality starts in a row. Even though they are coming against the Oakland's and Seattle's we'll take it. When Tampa Bay slaps you around we can't complain or diminish the wins or the innings pitched because we have to start fighting our way back anyway we can.

We have eight straight games against those same two teams and if we put together a nice run, the Yankees can begin to be respectable, get some confidence and start to creep back up in the standings.

Its not just Boston now. The O's, White Sox and Twins are all playing well, so the wild card is going to be up for grabs this year, and that might be the best we can hope for.