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Opne Thread: Game 32-Yanks vs A's

Can Kevin Brown give us six good innings?

The crystal ball says: YES

Rich Harden has been pithing excellent for Oakland, but I forsee a 4-3 win, with Mariano picking up the save.
We need to win a series and if for nothing else, the Yanks are due.


The Crystal Ball was correct. Brown did his job, A-Rod, Tino, and Posada hit bombs, and Gordon actually looked like a pitcher.
The Yanks get their second straight shutout and a 6-0 win. The thing about Brown is that his velocity is fine, which is a good sign, but he hasn't been able to keep the ball down.The A's are not the O's, but maybe he can build on this performance.
Randy Johnson takes the hill tomorrow. Can we say three in a row?