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Can the A's provide relief? (update)-Nope

Last year at approximately this time, Ruben Sierra screamed a liner down the left field foul line that capped a late inning rally against the A's that got the Yankees kick started from what we thought was a bad start.

Barry Zito pitches tonight and he has been as awful as the rest of the Yankees pitching staff so it'll be the battle of the bad.

Well another bad loss. Carl Pavano pitched OK, they actually had a ninth inning comeback to tie the score and that's when the wheels fell off again. As usual Jorge Poasada continues to run the base paths like a man who needs lasik eye

surgery in both eyes, coupled with a power boost to his brain.

I knew Joe was stuck having him on the basepaths because he was coming in to catch. George is the worst baserunner I have ever seen in my life.
Three errors in the 10th allowed the winning three runs to score without a ball going out of the infield. A's 6-3 over the Yanks.
You know before Posada got caught at third I did think just briefly this might be the game to lift us up. A nice comeback in the bottom of the ninth, some high fives, a little chuckin' and jivin' afterwards. Break the unrest and tension. Let some steam out... See you tomorrow after I go to the movies!