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Bronx Devil Rays 11 Tampa Yankees 8

Sean Henn made his first start and looked alright until Robinson Cano threw a double play ball into the outfield that opened up a 4 run lead for the D-Rays.
AA pitcher Henn couldn't recover from that, and as always the bullpen which resembles a single A team, gave up four more runs and the Yanks went down again.

I like the idea of bringing young talent up, but if the Yanks liked Cano so much, why did they sign Tony Womack? I know Cairo wanted a big raise from the Yanks and when he didn't get it, settled for a lot less from the Mets. I like Womack, but putting him out in left field seems pretty extreme. Cano is in a tough position now because he's coming in at a bad time, he'll be under a bigger microscope and his error basically lost the game tonight.

Gordon tried his best to give up three runs, but was held to only one.

The Boss was in the stands watching the game, and God only knows what he was saying to Cashman.

Let me know what you thought the conversation might have been like...