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Major Yankee Shake-up!

Are the Yankees in panic mode or what?

Bernie to the bench, Matsui in center, Womack to left field and Randy out because of an injury.
The Yanks brought up Robinson Cano to play second base, Sean Henn from AA to pitch and pretty much dumped Steve Karsay, another big money flop.

Here's a link
to Henn's profile.

I don't understand the Womack to left field move. I know Bernie can't throw, but he still has wheels and showed off his tracking ability against Toronto Saturday night.

Giambi is going to wind up on the bench when Sierra gets back. He's all but done. As a fan I can't help but root for him when he steps up to the plate, but he is a shell of his former, juiced up self. Without the drugs he would have been a line drive hitter that batted .300 and drove in 100 rbi's on 25 HR's.

I always admired Paul Oneil for accepting far less money from the Yanks to stay with the team. He said, "How much money do I need" That's why Oneil will always be a special player to me. The greed didn't overcome his sensibilities.
Jason has the money now, but he surely wouldn't have had to starve before and has completely derailed his career and his health for a "Few Dollars More"