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Open Thread: Game 42-Yanks beat Boston 6-3

What a great win!

Randy Johnson was a mystery again, but at least his velocity was better. His control was awful and if it wasn't for some really bad base running by the Sox it could have been a much different outcome.

"Rod" Cano hits a big game tying 2 run hr in the sixth and is now officially  part of this team.

The Red Sox leading 2-1 in the top of the sixth had 5 straight hits off of Johnson, but Tony Womack gunned down Mark Belhorn at the plate which was cleary a mistake by the third base coach who should have never sent him. Then Damon was also thrown out as Cano bobbled a ball hit up the middle then made a nice throw to cut down Damon at the plate. After those two base running blunders you knew the game was turning.

Then in the bottom of the sixth Cano hits a two run shot, and Shefield follows with a three run job and it was "end of story" time.

What was just as impressive was the bullpen. Sturtze, Groom, Gordon, and Rivera pitched well and nailed down the win. Groom has been the biggest surprise so far and has replaced Mike Stanton as the situational lefty out of the pen at this time.

With all the trash talking the Red Sox did about A-Rod they didn't throw him a pitch he could hit as he walked three times and got hit by a knuckler in the back. We need at least another win for the holiday weekend to be complete.

As a side note, the idiot side kick over on Imus's radio show commonly known as the "bald headed stooge" has been riding A-Rod since he revealed his therapy story. I know I shouldn't take him seriously but it still pissed me off. He's another coward with a microphone.