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Open Thread: Game 47-Yanks vs Tigers

Sorry guys, I've been under the weather for a little bit. Anyway we got Kevin:

"The hand of glass" Brown taking the hill tonight to hopefully give us the sweep before Boston comes into town.

Last nights game was the kind of win that we really need. A team win. Another sparkling play by Jeter, A-Rod bashing the ball, Flash and Mariano closing the deal.

A-Rod is starting to do the things we need him to do, we expect him to do. Last year was so bad that he never played the kind of baseball he's playing now even against the leagues worst.

Sure he's still a little shaky, but he's one big hit away of winning the fans over. One big at bat against Boston. He could be the first right handed hitter to hit 40 hr's in one season in a long time at Yankee stadium if I'm not mistaken.

Will he finally do the things we need him to do? I'm not sure, but at this point he's a lot closer to becoming the player we hoped we got when the trade went down.

Update-Yanks win 4-3

The Yanks are on a roll as the Red Sox come into town losing three to Tornoto and the Bombers take three from the Tigers.

Once again A-Rod took the ball deep into center for his seventeenth homer and 47,48,and 49th rbi of the year. He's on an incredible pace right now of something like 58 hr's and 160 rbi's
Of course this is fanatsy projections. Like good New York fans, let's see how he fares this weekend.

Kevin Brown got the job done again and is becoming a serviceable pitcher as he won his fourth in a row.

Looking at Mariano now his stats suddenly are incredible again with an era of 1.53, 11 saves, and batters hitting only .175 against him before today.
After his terrible start, Rivera looks like the dominant closer once again as he struck out the side. His fastball was consistantly hitting 94mph on the gun tonight.

The Yanks have leap frogged Boston and are tied with Toronto at 26-21.