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A-Rod: Therapy helps/Yanks Win big/Preview of tonights Game

Yankee third baseman raves about sessions he's had!

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez said he has been in therapy with several psychologists to deal with personal demons, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.

I don't know where I'd be" without therapy, Rodriguez told the New York City television show "Extra" in a segment to air tonight at 7 on Channel on

About last night's game. The Yanks crushed the Tigers. A-Rod hit two home-runs against Wilfredo Ledezma and upped a statistic that I can' remember ever reading about. He has hit four home runs in four at bats against this pitcher.

The game turned nasty when Tiger pitcher Franklyn German hit Rodriguez leading off the seventh, immediately raising the Yanks' ire. Immediately raising my ire.

If there's one thing the Yanks haven't been doing since Clemens left is protect their own. I was glad to see Quantrill respond by drilling a reserve infielder in the back after being warned by the umpis for missing him the first time. Way to go Paul. The Red Sox have been notorious at hitting Yankee players at almost a 2-1 ratio in the last few years.

My main man Wang takes the hill tonight. He has been a pleasant surprise and has pitched much better than the injured Wright did. There's a calmness about him that reminds me a lot like Ted Lilly. I was saddened to see him traded away. I thought he was going to develop into a good starter.