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Open Thread; Game 45-Yanks vs Tigers

Mike Mussina shows up tonight to try and get us off to the right start against Detroit. A win of course. They have three with the Tigers and then a big weekend series with the Red Sox

I know they won't be looking ahead, but its nice to see them only 4 1/2 out of first place.
I'm sure A_Rod will want to make up for his bad play at third base.:
That was a ridiculous error,'' Rodriguez said. ``Probably the easiest play that I had all year.''

Many fans don't think he can handle the pressure of playing in NY, but I still feel he will come up big. Maybe I'm wrong, but rememeber...the Crystal Ball is never wrong.

As far as I know there still isn't a decision on Jeter playing tonight.

As sloppy as the Mets series was, the Yanks took it 2-1 and that will give us some momentum for the next six games.

More to come...