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Open Thread: Game 42 Yanks win 5-2

In a very sloppy game the Yanks pulled out a big win against their cross town rivals.
In a game of "who's kicking the can" the Yanks managed to escape with a win.
How often do you see Derek Jeter commit two errors in one inning and strike out three times in the same game? Luckily the Mets fielded worse with Kaz  and Mientkiewicz making big errors that allowed the Yanks to comeback from that dreadful loss against the Mariners.

Kevin Brown struggled, but had enough in him to make it through five innings without blowing up. Zambrano was his usual wild self yielding six walks in 5 1/3 innings but as always seems to keep his team in the game against the Yanks. Hideki Matsui had two hits and seems to be coming out of his slump.

Ruben Sierra made it back and pitch hit in the sixth inning as Torre tried to blow the game open.

The bullpen came through as Gordon didn't give up any runs and Mariano looks like he's back from the  scrap heap. Well...that's what the papers were saying anyway.

I was thinking after Womack made a huge error late in the game, if Torre should take him out for defensive purposes. Then he gets on first in the ninth and makes a heads up running play, taking third base on an infield hit by Matsui which led to the two extra runs. His speed is becoming a nice weapon for the team.

It's nice to hear that Joe Torre thinks Robinson Cano reminds him of Rod Carew. I dubbed him "Rod" Cano a few days ago. Do you think Joe reads the blog? Nah, neither do I.

Other fans on the site have talked about whether the Yanks will trade him. At this point I think the only way you trade Cano is if you get a big time pitcher back. Not Roger Clemens, he's too old for that deal and I don't think Cashman would include him, but with The Boss one never knows.