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Open Thread: Game 42-Yanks vs Mets

Hold on to your hats. This weekend series should be great.

Coming off that terrible loss against Seattle to end the ten game streak, I think I needed a day off.

Everyday Posada turns more and more into Charles Oakley and his error cost us the game. Routine plays have to be made, that said I hate to root against Wille Randolph. He's on the "dark side" now so once the players take the field I hope he gets fired. lol  No...just kidding

Starting Lineups

  • D. Jeter ss
  • T. Womack lf
  • G. Sheffield rf
  • H. Matsui cf
  • A. Rodriguez 3b
  • T. Martinez 1b
  • J. Posada c
  • R. Cano 2b
  • K. Brown p

  • J. Reyes ss
  • M. Cameron rf
  • C. Beltran cf
  • C. Floyd lf
  • M. Piazza c
  • D. Mientkiewicz 1b
  • D. Wright 3b
  • K. Matsui 2b
  • V. Zambrano p