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Open Thread: Game 41-Yanks vs Mariners

Riding the Wave to Shea!

Mike Mussina goes for another win tonight and hopes to keep the streak going at eleven. Pavano and Mussina are very similar pitchers with a variety of speeds and breaking balls. I was thinking WHEN we make the playoffs, if Torre should split the two up so that they don't pitch back to back. I'm still hoping Mike uses his fastball more. That's when he becomes the dominating pitcher that missed a perfect game against the Red Sox by Carl Everett's two out, two strike single that broke it up with two out in the bottom of the ninth at Fenway a few years back.
told reporters after his win in Oakland:
``That was as good as I've felt all year,'' Mussina said after Friday's win. ``Because of the control of the fastball, I used it on both sides of the plate, up and down.''

His game squarely rests on his fastball in my opinion. He'll be able to win some games hitting 88 mph, but come playoff time that extra 2-3 mph seems to make him a much better thrower.

More to come...