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Open Thread: Game 40-Yanks vs Mariners

Do you I hear 10? Can I get a 10?

Carl Pavano tries to give the Yanks their first ten game winning streak since the great 1998 team.

Brian Cashman came out today and said he still supports Giambi

Cashman  "He is getting better. He's still getting his walks and now he is adding hits. He is making a contribution. He is driving the ball better and got a couple of key hits. The three games in Oakland he made a positive impression on the club."

I'm not sure if his heart or his pocket book is doing the talking there, but obviously a productive Giambi would be a major boon for the club. I still think he is on a short leash and won't be surprised to see Sierra and Bernie fill up the DH at bats if Jason does not start contributing, 13 million or not.

Tino was voted the AL player of the week. He has played his way into the lineup this weekend against the Mets, and although I don't expect this kind of production the rest of the way, Joe will be hard pressed to switch to any kind of a platoon now.

I'm turning to the Crystal Ball today.

Yes....the Yanks will keep the streak going with their tenth win in a row. Pavano will give up three runs, and the Yanks will score seven.

Starting Lineups

  • D. Jeter ss
  • T. Womack lf
  • G. Sheffield rf
  • H. Matsui cf
  • A. Rodriguez 3b
  • T. Martinez 1b
  • J. Posada c
  • J. Giambi dh
  • R. Cano 2b

  • I. Suzuki rf
  • R. Winn lf
  • A. Beltre 3b
  • R. Sexson 1b
  • R. Ibanez dh
  • B. Boone 2b
  • J. Reed cf
  • M. Olivo c
  • W. Valdez ss