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Open Thread: Game: 39- Yanks vs Mariners

Tino has already earned the money the Yanks spent on him. He was practically retired when Cashman placed the call. His hot streak helped propel the Bombers back to. 500 at a time when we were fading fast. No matter what happens after Sunday, The Bam-Tino (who's new nickname is CC for curtain call) single handedly jump started the team.

Sure the schedule Gods came through for us, but we said the same thing when the Yanks went to Tampa and quickly dropped three out of four to the Devil Rays.

The rook Wang takes the mound against Sele and the streak has a shot at continuing. The Yanks are only 5 1/2 games back now.

If Robinson Cano keeps playing like he is, I think we need to give him a nickname. That is if The Boss doesn't trade him for a washed up pitcher.
My vote is for "Rod" Cano, after the great Rod Carew. Cano has a swing that reminds me of the great on. Obviously I'm jumpimg the gun on the rookie but I was watching the A's game with an A's fan and when Cano had four hits, I started calling him "Rod" to get under his skin. What are your thoughts?