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Open Thread: Game 37-Yanks vs A's

SIX PACK, that's the headline from the NY Post!
I guess they read the blog. lol Mussina pitched a great game, Sheffield launched a rocket and a way we go. Cano had a three hit game and Womack hit a two run triple that iced the game early. We can't worry about the competition at this point. We need wins

Now we turn the ball over to Kevin Brown and your guess is as good as mine on tonight's game. It was nice to see Baltimore and the Red Sox lose. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't watching the scoreboard. I don't care how early it is, being in fourth place is not a pleasant feeling.

More to come...

Yanks slam A's 15-6

Tino hits another home run and drives in 5 rbi's. A-Rod hit one of the hardest line drive shots I've ever seen, and Matsui had four hits to hopefully get jump started.
Kevin Brown didn't look all that good, but he got in some more work without hurting us. That's seven in a row and I'll take the wins against the weaker teams at this point.
Look for Randy to pitch his best game yet to finish out the sweep. The A's are terrible, and Billy Bean's magic is gone for this year at least. I could see trading one of the big three, but losing both Hudson and Mulder exposes the real truth about money ball. The A's did develop excellent talent that they couldn't keep, but the decision to pick Chavez over Tejada was a monumental blunder.