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Open Thread: Game 23- Yanks vs Blue Jays ( cont.)

Live blogging begins...

National Anthem. lol

I'm watiching the game via so the camera is on some ugly people.
Ok, I'll stop.

I have a nice cigar ready to go, and a hot cup of smokey Joe!

RJ takes the mound...

First pitch, single by Menechino,...Stikeout of Johnson...Strikeout of Wells...Stikeout of Hillenbrand.
RJ looks strong.

Of note, the new format by is terrible. Tiny little window to watch the game on.

Bottom of the First

Jeter is up against Halladay. Hillenbrand makes a great play charging the slow roller to third and nipping Jeter at first.
Womack grounds out to first.
Sheffield is out on a little squib that stays in front of the plate.

I'm not going to live blog the whole game like this, but as we grow as a community we will be an interactive force!

Bernie makes a great catch to save a run and an extra base hit against Hudson to end the top of the second!

Hinske just hit a two run dinger off of Randy and the Jays are up 2-0 in the top of the seventh.
So far the Yanks have only mustered two hits in six innings against Halladay.
Going to the ninth...
Halladay shuts out the Yanks on three hits. Blue Jays 2-Yanks-0. Randy pitches a complete game himself and made one mistake, a seventh inning homer that was the difference.

If it was another Bruce Chen pitching I'd be really upset, but Halladay was razor sharp throughout and it looked like he could have gone another two innings.

This is getting embarrassing to watch, and I don't know what will get the team kick started.

I hope time heals all wounds!