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Open Thread: Game 22 Yanks Lose 3-1

Well, we got the six innings I was hoping for out of Brown, but the offense tanked again.

I thought Brown would do better today when I saw him hit 93 on the gun to start the game. He had been around 89 previously.

But oh how bad our offense is. I've also been surprised at how inconsistant Derek Jeter has been on the base paths when he is usually one of the best in the game. He gets picked off of first to open the game and kills another first inning rally that could have changed the whole

 complextion of the game with.

Buddy Groom has looked good coming in so far and we might have another decent lefty to play the match-up game.

When your team wins 100 games, you still have to endure watching 62 loses, so this pathetic start made me actually pause the game and check out a little of the President's press conference.

Baltimore is not going away and I think they'll be this year's Texas Rangers. Luckily tomorrow is a new

dawn, and we can try to put some consistency together or we'll be 10 games back by the end of May.