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Open Thread: Game 22-Yanks vs Angels

After another bad performance from Mike Mussina, the Bombers turn to Kevin (hand of glass)

Brown to help win the best out of three series from the Los Angeles-Anaheim-South Bay-Orange County-Angels.

I usually am for an agressive third base coach and Luis Sojo is certainly that, but he must pick his spots better. He ran the Yanks out of a big inning in the first. I always felt Willie Randolph was much too passive in sending runners home.

So far three Yankee runners have already been thrown out at home this year.

Starting Lineups
 Yanks  Reds
D. Erstad 1b D. Jeter ss
C. Figgins 2b T. Womack 2b
V. Guerrero rf G. Sheffield rf
G. Anderson lf H. Matsui lf
S. Finley cf A. Rodriguez 3b
O. Cabrera ss J. Giambi dh
D. McPherson 3b J. Posada c
J. Molina c T. Martinez 1b
J. DaVanon dh B. Crosby cf
Joe is still tinkering with the lineup and giving Bernie the night off.
We need Brown to give us six good innings. I know that's hoping for a lot!