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Open Thread: Game 21-Yanks vs Angels

The Moose takes the mound tonight and hopefully will keep the Yanks on a roll.

The striking stat for Mussina about last year is that Vladimir Guerrero was 0-9 against him. Let's hope he continues that trend.

I'm sure Andy Phillips will start his third game in a row since the Halos are pitching the lefty Washburn, and his insertion into the lineup has had a great effect so far on the Yanks. We desperately lacked a right handed presence coming out of the first base hole, and this kid can flat out hit.

Talking about A-Rod, Form44d used a great example in the diary "A-Rod was anxious"

He broke down all of A-Rod's at-bats from last night and came to the conclusion that this might be the opening of the flood gates for A-Rod.  I tend to agree.

Olney used Clemens as an example...

...saying, "The future Hall of Famer had labored through his first season with the Yankees, so much that Andy Pettitte said he sat in the dugout sometimes and thought: When are you going to bring the good stuff? Clemens continued in the same way into his second season with the team, got hurt, went on the disabled list. He pitched great in his first game back, in early July - and then took off. It was as if in that first game back, he shed some of his discomfort and went back to being a superstar again."

I really hope that analogy holds true, because if A-Rod hits like he can, this offense will turn into the jugernaut we all hoped it would.