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Open Thread: Game 20-Yanks win 12-4 vs the Angels

Pavano takes the mound against Bartolo Colon. A-Rod sports a .378 lifetime average with 3 HR's and 6 RBI's in 37 AB's against the righty. This might be a nice time for him to open up a little bit.

More to come...

Starting Lineups
 Yanks  Reds
D. Erstad 1b .274 D. Jeter ss .361
C. Figgins 2b 3250 B. Williams cf .258
V. Guerrero rf .347 G. Sheffield rf .324
G. Anderson lf .291 H. Matsui lf .297
S. Finley cf .176 A. Rodriguez 3b .280
O. Cabrera ss .275 J. Giambi dh .218
D. McPherson 3b .158 J. Posada c .286
J. Molina c .275 A. Phillips 1b .333
J. DaVanon dh .220 T. Womack 2b .250

* Its good to see Andy Phillips still in the lineup.

A-Rod hits meaningful HR's!!!

I've never seen three in four innings before and nine rbi's. Will he hit for the cycle?...

I knew I should have trotted out my crystal ball. So A-Rod just misses making baseball history, but still drive in ten runs. Is this the game to help him break out of his funk? Will he finally settle down and play like the A-Rod of old?
We hope so!
Alex had this to say: "Definitely tonight was one of those magical nights," Rodriguez said. "I've hit three home runs twice before, but nothing feels as special as this, doing it in New York, doing it in the pinstripes."
Pavano pitched well enough going seven innings and getting his first win at the stadium. Let's hope this carries over and starts us on a nice winning streak.
Andy Phillips just missed his second homer in as many games as the ball whizzed by the left field foul pole; but to me it looked like it hit the white stripe that designates foul territory. I haven't been able to figure out if that is considered a home run or not. Does anybody know the rules on that?