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Rookie pitcher hopes to impress.

The NY Post has a good article about Chien-Ming Wang, a 25-year-old right-hander from Taiwan, on the way to take Wright's spot and face the Blue Jays on Saturday.

"The two biggest things are that he throws strikes and isn't afraid of bat contact," Columbus pitching coach Gil Patterson said last night.

"And stuff around him doesn't bother him. What separates Wang from other pitchers who have come through the Yankees system is that he can fire off a 94-mph fastball.

"His next pitch is a slider, but he has a change-up and split-fingered fastball," Patterson said. "If the slider is on, it can be a big help. He can throw it down and away to right-handers and we have been working on a back-door to lefties. He has four pitches and I would guess all four are major league caliber."